For SO2 gasification of packaged table grapes, in their export box.

Applied doses range up to 80 cc (0,200 gr) per box. By means of a goatee doses are selected 10 to 10 cc and are represented in a luminous graduated column.

Each application is confirmed by one short whistle, a luminous sign, and is registered in a digital accountant. Successive whistles and lightening accuse a trouble to be investigated (in service manual).

The device operates with a self rechargeable 12 V battery or either connected to the electric 220 V net.

The device lays on a cart containing a 10 kg SO2 gas easy to reach through a cover.

A gun with an interchangeable gas application spear (standard 40 cm long, or other if requested) and a special stamping-gasification shooter is connected with a 2 m long hose to the device.